Children and Kids

Valtur cares about family holidays that’s why we offer a wide range of wonderful opportunities for children.

Up to 23 months*

The interiors, colours, sounds and activities of the Marilleva Infant Club are as warm and enveloping as a mother’s embrace: parents have the chance to leave children between 3 and 23 months old in an ideal environment respectful of the needs of the young guests. The Marilleva and Pila facilities offer equipped “biberonerie” with products and kitchens in which to prepare baby meals independently and using the broths, vegetables, boiled meat and fish prepared twice a day by our chefs. Some equipment is always available free of charge such as homogenizers, bottle warmers, sterilizers and microwave ovens, while others can be hired such as strollers and baby baths.


All Valtur facilities offer babysitters at an extra charge with the chance to choose weekly packages or assistance to several children together.



From 2 to 4 years of age

Assistance and play activities for the younger children, constantly supervised by Valturland team experts who, patiently and with lots of cheerfulness manage to win the confidence of the kids and their parents. Lots of games, parties, fairy-tales and afternoon snacks to fill up with energy! For the Chicco Club (2-year-old), meals and sleeping is in the company of parents while the children of the Baby Club (3-4-year-old) can have lunch and dinner with the Valturland team in the dedicated restaurants or dining areas, and take an afternoon nap in the sleeping room (where available).


From 5 to 10 years old

Kids and Mini Club offer entertainment and sports activities in the company of our untiring entertainers and teachers of the Italian Ski School. Real professionals in involving the kids in entertaining and relaxing activities like baby dancing or getting them ready for the big end-of-week show. Dedicated restaurant service with special children’s menu.


From 11 to 17 years old

It’s just great to be children on holiday; in search of lots of fun and plenty of energy at disposal: by day, on fast slopes, where the adrenalin is never lacking. In the evening, dancing in the disco to the rhythm of music. A sparkling atmosphere, young and involving. A chance to make new friends and friendships that last over the years. And the Young Club and Tribe team are always there for the peace of mind of the kids and the joy of their parents.


(*) Some services could require an extra charge, may be available only in some facilities and have only a limited number of places. For more details and conditions see the rate pages of each destination.

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