Tourists / customers that after the reception of reservation confirmation withdraw from the contract apart from the circumstances set out by Article 10 of General Conditions for the withdrawal without fee or requests any change, a withdrawal fee corresponding the number of days before the day of the departure by which the withdrawal is notified to the Organiser will be charged pursuant to Article 10, besides dossier’s amounts (corresponding to the individual cost of administration services) and insurance costs.For stays that include even one day between 24/12/2016 and 07/01/2017 and between 26/02/2017 and 04/03/2017:

  • Cancellations until 22 days before the arrival in Valtur facilities: no cancellation fee
  • Cancellation from 21 to 8 days before the arrival in Valtur facilities: fee of 40% of the reserved stay
  • Cancellation from 7 days before the arrival in Valtur facilities: fee of 100% of the reserved stay

For stays during all other periods of the season:

  • Cancellation until 11 days before the arrival in Valtur facilities: no cancellation fee
  • Cancellation from 10 to 3 days before the arrival in Valtur facilities: fee of 40% of the reserved stay
  • Cancellation from 2 days before the arrival in Valtur facilities: fee of 100% of the reserved stay

The facility does not provide any reimbursement to people that will not be present at the time of travel’s departure, those who renounce travelling or when the stay has already begun or those who will partially use the travel and / or amenities reserved. Any reimbursement will be made as soon as possible. For organised groups, withdrawal fees will be agreed upon from time to time upon signature of the contract.

Those who do not ski but wish to enjoy the mountain with snow, excursions and wine and food tours, can enjoy the Non-Skiers Club and choose among many activities, such as excursions, trekking and tasting with the Valtur Animation staff. We offer, among others:

  • Relax & Nature – trekking and snowshoe trekking (if possible) to discover attracting places of great environmental value and feel the emotions of the mountain at slow pace.
  • Craftsmanship, history and tradition – tours at the discovery of the most important and traditional locations around the villages, and at the discovery of local culture and typical products.

Our rooms have all amenities (shower or bathtub). Linen change and daily cleaning service.


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Valtur is present at Sestriere in the Piedmont region, Pila in Valle d’Aosta, Marilleva and in the Marmolada in the Veneto Region.

Excursions are managed by external collaborators selected by Valtur. Excursions mentioned in the texts of single destinations may be modified or cancelled afterwards. This is due to the fact that schedules are made well in advance before the beginning of the season. Therefore, Valtur may in no way be held liable for any modification or cancellation. Excursions are guaranteed only if there is a minimum number of participants communicated to the Excursions Office on the site; Valtur declines any and all general and insurance responsibility.

For tariff purposes, we regard “infants” children 0-2 years old; we regard “children” our little guests of 2-13 years old; “teens” are those between 13-16 years old; finally, “adults” are those from 16 years old on (unless otherwise indicated in tariff tables). Unaccompanied minors that are admitted from 16 years old on (celebrated on the day of the beginning of the stay or travel departure) shall have the authorisation of parents or his or her deputy with the specific form to be requested to reservation centres.

This is the offer that has always provided many little and big expedients to feel at home. Besides meals and a wide offer of sports and entertaining shows, according to the Valtur pack chosen and its services, Valtur offers:

  • house wine, soft drinks, mineral / mineralised micro-filtered water included with meals;
  • alternative restaurants, only upon reservation;
  • Valturland, Young Club and Tribe customer care to offer places and dedicated services to children and teenagers;
  • disco club entrance, if present; drinks are extra.

It can be used in every bar.It is issued the day of the arrival at the reception, providing the credit card or upon cash deposit. For each purchase, customers will receive a purchase reminder. Customers can check their account status at the reception. In case of loss, inform the reception to block the card which will be invalidated at the time of notification. Before the departure, customers shall return the electronic Money and close the account at the reception. If customers have left an unused deposit on the electronic Money, they will receive the remaining amount during the account closure process.

The facility does not accept bank cheques. All expenses relating to hotel services can be paid by Credit Cards or cash. For more information, visit the websites of single facilities.

At their arrival, guests that do not use Valtur transports can check in only after 4pm. The day of the departure, we kindly invite you to check out from your rooms before 10am. Day Use extra (upon request and according to availability, at the reception) gives the possibility to extend your relaxation in the room. Amenities may change during the season.

With Valtur on the website valtur.it or phone at +39(0)2 30 200 400, or with your travel Agency. Valtur phone service is available Monday – Friday 9.00 – 13.00 and 14.30 – 19.30.Once you have chosen the most suitable place for the reservation (travel agency or Valtur), make only one reservation. From that moment on, please refer there for all reservation operations, for any information and explanation by using the number of application received. In order to complete the reservation, customers will have to pay the 25% of the total lump sum plus the individual administration fee and the compulsory insurance. The individual administration fee and compulsory insurance shall be paid for each reservation, as follows: free for people 0-1 years old, 5 Euros/day for people 2-12 years old, 10 Euros /day from 13 years old on. In the event of reservation at our offices, you can pay by credit card American Express, Visa and MasterCard (also by phone). In order to benefit from discounts for teenagers, children and infants, at the time of reservation, please take with you a valid ID document certifying their age.

In our Main Restaurants there is a buffet service (the opening of alternative restaurants is not guaranteed for all the season).Taverns, pizzerias and some alternative restaurants, if present, have a paid service. In case of light intolerances, customers can purchase (according to local availability) gluten-free products for celiac people, upon specific request and through the communication by the Travel Agency at the time of reservation. Our chefs are always available to meet your food needs.

The final payment must be sent at least 28 days before the beginning of the stay or travel. If the final payment was not fulfilled within the aforesaid terms, we do not guarantee the accommodation required. For reservations beyond the deadline of 28 days, the final payment must be made at the time of reservation. Failure to pay within the expiry dates determines the option of cancellation by the intermediary agency and/or the organiser.

Free safes in rooms, if available; otherwise safe and deposit for your personal effects. Customers can purchase minibar restock in the facility and use the Room Service: both services are upon request and payment. Medical Care is an external chargeable service. Parking (unattended). Valtur declines any and all responsibility in the event of thefts or damages to cars or boats. For more information, visit the websites of single facilities.

From winter 2016/17, customers can choose when to arrive and how many days they wish to spend in Valtur facilities.

Special Valtur Ski and Special Gold Class are options with extras that customers can activate upon request, ideal for those staying for at least one week. They are non-refundable options subject to availability: Special Ski is not available at Valtur Principe Marmolada.

Entertainment service for teenagers 14-17 years old, according to different Valturs.

Babysitting is a chargeable service subject to availability. Children that need special assistance are welcome to Valturland, but we do not have the right organisation to provide them the necessary assistance. The must be always accompanied by their parents and they shall never be left under the supervision of Valturland Staff. Children with certified contagious viral diseases: we reserve the right to move the child away from the facility, in the event of verification of the disease. During the season, according to the number of children/teenagers, breakdowns by age may change in order to guarantee the best possible service. Valturland, Young Tribe and Tribe services and activities may be suspended in days of arrivals and departures, according to the catalogue.

Valtur organises your travel offering a pack with stay and transport (if provided), as long as there are flight seats available. It may occur that, in some periods, we can only offer stays. The impossibility of meeting your needs according to the stay duration may occur in accordance to the need of complying with the balanced occupation of the facility and therefore to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the service, especially during high season.

Entertainment service for teenagers 12-13 years old in all Valtur facilities.