Hotel area

Special people, professional and in possession of
certificates from courses in the hospitality sector,
are ready to welcome guests
and help them in whatever you might need.

Hotel area & Guest Relation

Hospitality is made of smiles, listening, and attention to detail… this is the Valtur welcome.



– Age between 18 and 35
– Uninterrupted availability of 2/4 months
– Good grooming, great relational skills, good general knowledge
– Good knowledge of one or more foreign languages (German, English, and Russian)
– Training and/or experience regarding the role you are applying for



– Reception Employees
Excellent grooming, university certification and/or experience in the role, knowledge of the NUCONGA IT system, basic accountancy skills.


Guest relation

– Guest Relation
Employees taking care of public relations and of the organization of groups, events, excursions, event and conference management.

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