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Valtur recruiting

We want to be an International staff, multilingual, competent, and enthusiastic in sharing what the Valtur ‘Made in Italy’ hospitality is all about. Select one of the areas of interest below to discover what professional opportunities might be open to you for Valtur’s next summer tourist season. If you think you have a profile like those we are looking for or you have the requisite characteristics to work for us, fill in the form you can find in each section.

All applications will be evaluated and suitable candidates will be called for an interview.

All the candidates we consider suitable after the interview phase will be invited to participate to Valtur Academy, our certified training school (no. 1069 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008), to follow a theoretic and practical training course centred on behavioural and technical topics, taught by a team of knowledgeable and energetic teachers. This will allow you to start the season with the right tools, confidence, and attitude.

Valtur Academy is the only certified training school (no. 1069 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008) that every year offers many young people the opportunity of getting into the world of Valtur. All of our entertainers were trained by Valtur Academy!

A high-profile training process

Energy, passion, and enthusiasm are the necessary characteristics to be admitted to this high-profile training course which includes both theoretic and practical sessions (focused on the various areas of interest) and lessons dedicated to behavioural topics. Selections to be admitted to the Valtur Academy take place every year via a ‘recruiting tour’ which travels through various cities in Italy. At the end of the course, participants get a certificate and, if suitable, they will be offered a job in one of Valtur’s Holiday Resorts.

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Valtur is an Italian Tour Operator,
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified for the planning
and providing of training courses in the tourism sector.

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